Hail and Well Met started with audio dramas, but has expanded so far beyond that in these few years that we are honestly both surprised and elated. The team works closely together to not only create the shows that you know and love, but also works with other amazing podcast creators to design and perfect their soundscapes, music and effects. On top of that, the team has diligently worked on creating written content as another creative medium that allows for a wider range of content consumers to interact with our work.

Please check out these other works by the team at Hail and Well Met.


Check out the Hail and Well Met team's written series, including:

  • My Whozit is a Whatzit
  • Not for the Faint Hearted and
  • 2019 Award Winning Write a Book in a Day's - TOOK

The Ostium Podcast

The Ostium Podcast follows the harrowing adventures of Jake Fisher, as he discovers a secret town hidden in the far reaches of Northern California. When he discovers the town, he finds it abandoned . . . a town with no people. But he notices something: while there is no one around, there are many, many doors.

Hail and Well Met's - Guild of Adventurers is featured as one of the many cross-over episode's of Season 5. In addition the Hail and Well Met team is responsible for the music, soundscape and effects featured in (a majority of) the episodes.


Circe, a podcast of the Ostium Network, is "Kind of Lord of the Rings, except with an awesome gay sorceress on the planet of Albion" and features the sound design, music, soundscape and effects created by the team at Hail and Well Met.


Manifestations is a podcast of The Ostium Network.  It is a solo-narrator, serial, sci-fi, solar punk audio drama.  Our main character, Alan, finds himself out of place, and out of time.  Literally. He is being shifted through time but doesn’t know why or how.

Season 2 of Manifestations will feature sound design, music, ambiance, and sound effects created and edited by Hail and Well Met.

Write a Book in a Day

The Write a Book in a Day competition is an annual event aimed at fundraising for the Kids Cancer Project, dedicated to funding research into childhood cancers. The Hail and Well Met team first undertook this challenge in 2019 and took the National Open Division with it's short story TOOK (see what I did there?). The HaWM team is due to write in its second year on the 12th September 2020 and is hoping to write another fun, entertaining and enjoyable book!

You can read TOOK on HaWM's Wattpad page.

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