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Latest - Episode 10 – Appreciation (By Tarran Merlo)

This episode of the SHORTS podcast contains terrible singing, alien space sickness, rogue murderous AI, and other themes and content which may not be suitable for some listeners – listener discretion is advised.

Captain Domenic Highland is bored with space… all the cool stuff, like alien invasions, discovering new and exciting planets, and fending off unknown entites was finished with decades ago… all he has now is his overly positive crew and his karaoke practice, which he clearly is a master off… … … … /endawkwardsilence. Will he ever learn that what he has in front of him is special and unique? Will he ever learn, Appreciation?

We couldn’t put together an in-no-way-affiliated-with-Star-Trek SHORTS episode without enlisting the aid of the amazing guest voices of Joseph & Peter of the V’Ger Please podcast (http://vgerplease.libsyn.com/). If you, like the team at Hail and Well Met, are avid trekkies, you should not pass up the opportunity to listen to Joseph & Peter rip apart Star Trek Voyager in a critical, thought provoking, and downright hilarious way!

Join with Hail and Well Met as we listen to Tarran Merlo‘s in-no-way-affialiated-with-Star-Trek the SHORTS podcast – Appreciation.

the SHORTS podcast is dedicated to showcasing varied authors across a range of genres, from around the world and is delighted to have the opportunity to collaborate with such great creative people. If you would like to be included, please contact the team on Discord; via email through our website; r/hailandwellmet on reddit; or @hailpodcast on twitter.

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Thanks to everyone involved in this episode of the SHORTS podcast, including:

  • Written by: Tarran Merlo
  • Cpt Highland, voiced by: Tarran Merlo
  • Cmd Doro, voiced by: Bernadette Nye
  • The Computer, voiced by: Michael Nye
  • Lt Kniffen, voiced by: Rachel
  • Admiral Sh’Siro, voiced by: Cameron
  • Ensign Sofek & “The Doctor”, voice by: Joseph & Peter from the V’Ger Please podcast.
  • The V’Ger Please Theme Song (as Captain Highland’s Lullaby) created by Ian and Sarah for the V’Ger Please podcast.
  • the SHORTS podcast theme song created by Shawn Korkie
  • the SHORTS podcast artwork by the amazing Keely

Music and Sound Effects:

Thank you for listening! ❤️


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