Three adventurers travel the world of Kalanthus, discovering truths about the world and themselves in this live play, story driven D&D podcast.

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Episode 21 – Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble

The crowning ceremony draws ever closer and with little time to mourn the death of their fallen comrade Allesandro, our heroes (joined by the simple cabbage farmer Greznac) are faced with their greatest challenge yet… a mighty battle with the evil warlocks three!

With the longest Guild of Adventurers episode to date, we want to thank you for your continued listening and hope you enjoy this escalation in this second story arc!

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Thanks to Seth Merlo for voicing Brannin Teine.

Special thanks to our brilliant patrons: Gio; Ryan, Evvie, Emma, Joseph, Shosuro – and everyone else. Without you, we would not have the ability to have created this podcast. Check out our Patreon page where you too can support us!

Thanks to all the contributing artists involved in this episode of Guild of Adventurers, including:

Music in this episode :

  • “Allesandro’s Death” by Tarran Merlo
  • “Requiem – A Capella Version” by Will Van De Crommert (used under license)
  • “sneaking up on hitch” by Richard J. Freitas, Geraldine Brioso (used under license)
  • “Epic Action Orchestrations Full Mix” by Bobby Cole (used under license)
  • “Tense Moments” by Martin Pidsley (used under license)
  • “epic story untold” by Judson Kenton Lee (used under license)
  • “joke (inst)” by David Engle, Darryl Webster, Declan Loughlin, Cameron Pyziak (used under license)
  • “A Trip Down Thriller Road” by Bobby Cole (used under license)
  • “Thunder Comes” by Will Van De Crommert (used under license)

Thanks for listening!

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